The United Nations Conference on Trade And Investment (UNCTAD) in its Technology and Innovation Report 2018, subtitled “Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development” described technology as tools that can help find global solutions to 21st century economic, social and Environmental challenges.
I have chosen to put my engineering and technological skills to action for the climate and to bring about a green economy in area of renewable energy and electric mobility for a sustainable environment that Africa really deserve.
They said Africa is the most vulnerable continent to the effect of Climate change even when we are not the cause, but i believe another headline is coming.
NEWS FLASH!, because you and i are together in this, and we are the Africans, friends, we are making a new headline, it says “Africans have turned their disadvantages to their own advantages” . Watch it.
Innovating in my line of work and skills can be likened to jumping an hurdle. You keep running and keep scaling the hurdles at intervals and when you are innovating in Africa, or bringing about any kind of disruption,
Then the hurdles are stacked up on each other. Your jumping has now become a climbing. You keep climbing and climbing one hurdle each at time and it feels you may never see the other side.You feel like quitting, then you faint many times over and each time you wake up, your piled up hurdles are still there to climb.
This award is a proof that your efforts, your toiling and hard labour count even when you have not jumped to the other side.
And it has turned the hard climbing into a high jump and given a long pole as an aid, now I can jump over successfully.
This award is dedicated to every young African that is toiling and labouring to bring one solution or the other to Africa, please do not quit, do not faint, you are not alone and you will soon make Africa proud.
To all my co nominee, you deserve this as much as I do, your impressive profiles are intimidating which gives me confidence that Africa has got it right with your kind. Please do not relent, there is still much to be done.
Thanks for all your supports God bless!

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