ENDORSEMENT is one word that most celebrities and content creators crave for, because that word means their hard work has paid. It means a lot of documents filled with legal jargons that they may not even understand but love to append their signatures so far they can see the figures going to their bank account (smiles).
Well, Olukokun Tolulope is not a celebrity but a change maker, he is taking action for the Climate and his works focuses on sustainability.
In his words “I am glad to tell you that I have been endorsed as well, though without a huge document to sign, nor a fat bank account BUT with a tweet by the Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria @cmgrans, Mr Carl Michael Grans and a thumb up”.
This is huge for all of us at ThinkElectric Africa Initiative, it means we are doing something right and the destination is really closer. You can also join us in this movement to save our planet, we’ve got no other.

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