Have you read the story about Elayi?

Elayi is from Malawi who came across our video about Biogas Digester on YouTube few weeks ago.
He asked a lot of questions on the channel and later took it to our WhatsApp. He started building his own, sending messages and pictures each step of the way. The last picture he sent was that of his gas bag filled with gas in 4days.
He sent sent more pictures and said, its not even up to 7 days, he is happy and we are happy too.
Elayi might not know about climate change or carbon emissions, but he understands what is economically good for him.There are so many Elayis all over Africa who needs to see either the economic benefits or the global goal of mitigating climate change
Whatever your reason is, every action you take is either helping us to curb climate change or you are part of the cause.

Take an action for the Climate today, Join us at ThinkElectric Africa Initiative.

Watch The Video Here:

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