Sustainable transportation is essential to sustainable development of any country. Many vehicles plight the Nigerian road releasing harmful emissions that exacerbate the climate change.

Tolulope Olukokun the Founder of ThinkElectric Africa initiative sat with Adeola Adegoke of New Frontier Television in Ibadan to discuss the future of E-mobility in Nigeria and Africa.

Few weeks ago, Nigeria witnessed the unveiling of the first OEM electric vehicle, which came with a lot of controversies as well other heated conversations on the readiness of Nigeria for electric vehicles.

Citing the lack of infrastructure and especially electricity in Nigeria, many are of the opinion that it is a misplaced priority to be talking about electric vehicles in Nigeria today.

In the midst of so much confusion about EVs, tolulope is invited to shed light on the future of E-mobility in Nigeria, what does it mean for the auto industry in Nigeria.?

Are we ready to switch to e-mobility in Nigeria yet?

What is his commitment to my ev solutions knowing big companies are now focusing on Nigeria?

These and many more were discussed, please watch and make your comments.

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