Project ImoleDe

Project ImoleDe

ImoleDe in Yoruba language means “lightening has come”. The project focuses on making available cheap and affordable means of lightening for students and homes in rural community.

This innovation makes use of recycled and reused battery cells from dead laptop batteries.ThinElectric Africa take these cells through a series of procedures to rejuvenate the life cycle of the cells.

With 3D Printing of some parts and some electrical engineering stuff, we are able to provide battery powered lights that can be solar charged using the recycled cells.

Through this process also, we are able to produce power banks for charging mobile phones on the go. These power banks are equally charged through solar power.

This project saves the environment from toxic materials such as the dead laptop batteries that could easily make it to the landfills and oceans as a result of an inappropriate disposal.

The reusable dead laptop batteries that are mostly lithium ion are configured as a huge battery storage for renewable energy projects at a very affordable cost such as solar energy system, hydro power plant, wind power turbine etc.

Recycling and reusing these batteries promises to accelerate our rural electrification projects that will move us to sustained low carbon environment.

Project ImoleDe satisfy SDGs 6, 7, and 13