Project Sustainable Transport

Project Sustainable Transport

Mobility is one of the fundamental conditions for sustainable, economic, and societal development in a country: trade, healthcare, education, political participation, or cultural interaction rely on reliable and affordable transport systems.

With the growing population and urbanization of African communities, the African transport sector is greatly threatened. Electric mobility is a perfectly suited solution for Africa’s rural and peri-urban areas.

ThinkElectric Africa Initiative is leading a research and development of electric mobility for the African community. We have demonstrated many of our E-mobility solutions with some prototypes and patent rights. We are also working with our partners to develop and manufacture E-mobility locally.

Our Solutions are targeted towards public transportation using micro mobility such as E-bicycles, E-Scooters, E-tricycles and Mini buses. These means of mobility are preferred to be locally manufactured so as to reduce the cost by at least 40%.

We have so far developed electric motor controllers, Battery management systems, and EV chargers locally using local materials. We are still developing more solutions to accelerate Africa’s transition to a sustainable transport.

Where practicable, our E-mobility are on a share ride applications for the public and are adapted for various settings and applications. In rural areas, the e-bicycles such as cargo bikes and cargo tricycles are preferred due to the terrain and the narrow nature of the road. while the E-mini buses and tricycles are preferred for the urban and peri-urban areas.

We believe that electric mobility is essential for Africa’s social and economic development and achieving global climate goals, and we are burning candles to bring this solutions to the public together and we are open to more partnerships to bring this solution home.

This project satisfy SDGs 1, 8, 9 and 13.