Project Switch2Green

Project Switch2Green

Project Switch2Green is an initiative by ThinkElectric Africa to address the lack of skill set and capacity in the renewable energy sector with the aim of fulfilling the education aspect of our vision. Transitioning to green environment may be difficult and slow paced if there are no adequate and efficient hands to handle the tasks locally. The current efforts in Africa’s transition to a sustainable low carbon energy future seems inadequate to curb the climate change impacts.

Project Switch2Green will accelerate Africa’s transition to a sustained low carbon emissions with the newly trained and capable skill sets. Open up the job creation opportunities the renewable energy sector promises for economic benefits and poverty reduction of the beneficiaries while promoting environmental sustainability at the same time.

Considering the alarming rate of poverty and unemployed youth in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, a drastic switch over to renewable energy sector that promises a huge number of job creations can be ensured by building and developing the capacity of this population.

The Project Switch2Green focuses on solar installations, Bio-Digester constructions, and E-mobility technologies to build the capacity of the participants and stakeholders with practical knowledge and information on carbon emission reduction.

This project is in fulfillment of SDGs 7,13 and 1, 8 and 11 in part.